Audience Award 2010 Winner Andrea Scobie Opens Endandered at Planet Ant Theatre!


Directed by BoxFest 2010 Winner Andrea Scobie

June 3 – 18, 2011 9pm

The Planet Ant Theatre’s Late Night Series closes its season with a play directed by BoxFest 2010 Winner Andrea Scobie. Endangered, written by Michigan playwright Sean Paraventi, opens June 3 and runs Fridays and Saturday at 9:00 p.m. through June 18. Tickets are general admission $10. Cast includes Josh Campos, Dan Jaroslaw, Kristen Wagner, and Eric Niece.

Endangered tells the story of Joe, a brilliant but angry man incensed over the state of mass media and it’s role in society’s decline. Taking matters into his own hands, he holds hostage three employees of the American Education Channel in the hopes that his extreme actions can change the state of television, and ultimately, the state of the world. But if the world refuses to listen, what then? Endangered is a darkly comic meditation on the damage human beings inflict on one another and on the world, and explores just how far one man will go to act on his convictions.

Andrea Scobie won the BoxFest Detroit 2010 Audience Award for Best Director for her direction of the play Armchair Dating.  Audiences were impressed with her clever use of the stage, strong actor performances and her ability to bring out the humor within the script.  She made quite a splash at BFD 2010 and we are so excited to see what she does with this new play!  Please support Andrea Scobie and BoxFest Detroit by checking out this exciting production!

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