BoxFest Detroit 2011 Award Winners!

BoxFest Detroit’s mission statement is to support and create opportunities for women directors.  Aside from our three week festival every August, we support our directors through our awards programs.  This year, we were honored to bestow awards to four deserving directors.

BoxFest Detroit uses part of its profits from fundraisers and ticket sales to give financial awards to directors to produce independent projects, take classes or workshop to further their education or apply the money toward anything else that is consistent with the BFD mission.

The winners of the financial scholarships are Megan Wright and K Edmonds.  Megan plans to use her award to attend national conferences on teaching theatre.  These conferences are an important part of her education as she is a graduate student at Eastern Michigan University studying Drama and Theatre for the Young.  By attending them she will have the opportunity to network with people in her field and learn invaluable lessons she will use for the rest of her career.  K Edmonds plans to use her financial award to produce a project she is developing about gun violence and its effect on communities.  Having friends who have been personally effected by gun violence gives her a unique and intelligent perspective on the ways people experience all the emotions associated with this kind of tragedy.  She will allow her to tell a story that needs to be told as well as perhaps change the community for the better.

BoxFest Detroit is honored to have a new award to present this year.  Guy Sanville and Purple Rose Theatre Company have graciously donated a scholarship for one director to attend their annual Actor/Director Lab class, a $525 value.  This class is the “most selective and rigorous course for adults” and “features physical training, monologue work and extensive scene study.  Students acquire the tools that professional actors and directors use in their craft.”  Director Barbie Amann Weisserman was awarded the scholarship to attend the A/D Lab and she looks forward getting started this October.

BoxFest Detroit has one award that is chosen by audience members rather than the BFD producers.  All patrons receive a ballot along with their programs and we ask them to vote for the show they think is the best directed.  The director with the most votes at the end of the festival receives the opportunity to direct a show of her choice for Planet Ant Theatre’s Late Night Series.  We are able to offer this award through the support of Planet Ant Theater and Inga Wilson, artistic director.  The vote tallies this year were VERY close.  Winning by one vote was Kelly Komlen, director of A Little Experimenting.  She looks forward to directing for Planet Ant Theater next summer.

We would like to congratulate all of BoxFest Detroit’s award winners and all of our directors who participated in BoxFest Detroit 2011.  It was a fabulous festival and the talent and hard work they exhibited was extraordinary.  And a final thank you goes out to all of our patrons who supported the 2011 festival by attending.  We hope to see you again in 2012!