BFD has a new home!

Greetings BoxFest fans!

BoxFest Detroit has taken place at the Furniture Factory in Detroit for the past five years.  Unfortunately, that space is no longer being used as a theatre space and we were forced to find a new home.  Well, we found one!

Drumroll please…

BoxFest Detroit 2013 will be performed at The Elizabeth Theater above Park Bar in downtown Detroit!!! The festival will take place throughout the first two weeks of August with programming on three days of each week instead of the traditional two we’ve done in years past.  We are very excited to be partnering with The Elizabeth Theater and for our fans to see this relatively newer theatre.

Also, just a reminder to all prospective directors, playwrights, and actors out there… the deadlines for submissions are coming up!  Check out the Contact page for deadline and information about participating in the festival.

I mean, really, why wouldn’t you want to?  You’ll meet and network with other artists, gain experience in a festival setting, have opportunities to win awesome awards and be reviewed by critics?  If that’s not enough, I don’t know what else to say.  Put yourself out there and join us!

Until next time!