Great opening weekend! The review is up to prove it!

Hi BoxFest Fans!

Molly here.  I just wanted to update you all on what a fantastic first weekend of the festival we had.  Audiences were solid and we had good houses for each day but Friday.  We were competing with the Tigers game so we knew attendance would be light but we want to give a special thank you shout out for the folks who braved Friday’s traffic to go to BFD.

The first weekend of the festival has passed, but the good news is you still have one more week left to check out the 11 shows we’re exhibiting this year.  AND the Tigers are out of town all next week so you won’t have to worry about traffic being as congested.  Let’s see… what else… OH YEAH, THE REVIEWS ARE UP!

Encore Michigan sent 3(!) different reviewers this year to cover all of the shows and in record time, wrote and published their review of BFD 2013.  (Thanks Don, Carolyn, and John for visiting us on our busy weekend.  We know parking was NOT easy!)  Check it out here!

We hope to see all of you next weekend!  We’ve got some amazing shows that deserve some great audiences.  See you then!