BoxFest Schedule Announcement!

Amanda again, here to announce the the schedule for BoxFest Detroit 2015! Woohoo!


BFD 2015 is scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays August 21 – 29 and is hosted at Planet Ant Theatre.

Admission prices are $10 for a day pass and $30 for a festival pass.

Box 1

Clarity by Serena Cates (dir. Tara Riedel)

Buck Naked by Gloria Bond Clunie (dir. Shavonne Coleman)

Box 2

Turtle Beach by Aoise Stratford (dir. Mary Rychlewski)

Broken by James McLindon (dir. Paige Conway)

Perspective by James McLindon (dir. Egla Kishta)

Box 3

Forbidden Love by Laurie Allen (dir. Michelle LeRoy)

The Stand In by Brett Hursey (dir. Dyan Bailey)

Date 16 by Todd Weston (dir. Megan Wright)

Box 4

‘Gypsy’ Rhymes with ‘Danger’ by Frannie Shepherd Bates (dir. Frannie Shepherd Bates)

Essential Magick by Robert Fieldsteel (dir. Lisa Hodge Kander)

Box 5

There’s Nothing Wrong with Me by Maureen Paraventi (dir. Lylanne Musselman)

Cutting It Close by Kitty Dubin (dir. Yolanda Fleischer)

Raghead by Tom Coash (dir. Tricia Turek)

Friday, 8/21

7pm: Cocktail Hour

8pm: Box 1

9pm: Box 3

Saturday, 8/22

3pm: Box 2

4pm: Box 1

5pm: Box 5

6pm: Dinner Break

7pm: Cocktail Hour

8pm: Box 5

9pm: Box 4

10pm: Box 3

Friday, 8/28

7pm: Cocktail Hour

8pm: Box 4

9pm: Box 2

Saturday, 8/29

3pm: Box 1

4pm: Box 2

5pm: Box 5

6pm: Dinner Break     

7pm: Cocktail Hour

8pm: Box 3

9pm: Box 4

10pm: Awards Presentation