We’re Fundraising!

What We Need

We need $1000 to support the 2017 BFD Festival and support the continuation of BFD. Your contribution will allow more of the festival proceeds to go towards the director scholarships!

  • Postcards = $65
  • Stage Managers = $400
  • Front of House = $200
  • Taxes = $60
  • Indiegogo credit = $50
  • One Director Scholarship = $250

The Story – Our Director Scholarship

Every year, BoxFest grants a director scholarship. In past years, directors have written a narrative, pitching a project that they would like funding for, and BFD producers have chosen the most exciting, and clearly achievable, project. After several years of this initiative, we have reevaluated this program and, in response, are launching an exciting pilot program this year!

Instead of pitching a project this year, one director will receive the opportunity to assistant direct at a local theatre in the upcoming season. Directors will still apply for the scholarship, and the recipient of the scholarship will be selected by the director she is assisting.

The scholarship funds our BFD Director wins will help cover her travel and costs associated with this assistant directorship. Lots of time, theatres are unable to support this important tradition of mentorship because of funding challenges, and directors are not able to volunteer because of the costs associated. Our new program is intended to break down these barriers.

This assistant directorship will mean the winning director will have the opportunity to shadow, learn, and collaborate with a more established, experienced, female-identifying, director. It will also give her exposure to networking opportunities in the Metro-Detroit theatrical community. We are so excited to launch this new program, but we need your help to fund this initiative!

More about the program can be found here: http://boxfestdetroit.com/boxfest-mentoring-program/

Other Ways You Can Help

Sometimes you just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever else makes ya happy
  • Call up a friend and ask them to donate
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

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