BoxFest Detroit 2019 Festival Announcement

BoxFest Detroit, an annual theatre festival that showcases and creates opportunities for female-identifying directors, has announced the schedule for its 2019 festival. BoxFest Detroit 2019 runs Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons and evenings, August 16 – 24, at Planet Ant Theatre. Planet Ant Theatre is located at 2357 Caniff, Hamtramck, MI, 48212. Admission is payable by cash and credit cards at the door with day passes for $10. A limited number of festival passes are on sale for $30 and may also be purchased at the door. More information and a link to BoxFest Detroit’s annual Indiegogo fundraiser can be found at

Over the two weekends long festival, BoxFest Detroit 2019presents the work of 14 local women theatre artists. Directors reshaping the box this year are Rachel Keown Burke, Asia Marie Hicks, Kez Settle, Shelby R. Seeley, Kryssy Becker, Carrie Morris, Andaiye Spencer, Charity Clark-Anderson, Kennikki Jones-Jones, Stephanie Stoiko, Audra Jantz, Andi Maziarz, Lillian Washington, and Michelle Studer. The producing team for BoxFest Detroit 2019includes Amanda Grace Ewing, Kelly Rossi, and Molly McMahon. In addition to the performances, the festival will also feature an Awards Ceremony on closing night.

BoxFest Detroit produces festivals that allow female-identifying directors the opportunities to direct original shows of their choice and win awards to help further their careers in directing. The winning director of the audience vote competition is given the opportunity to direct a show with Planet Ant Theatre’s One Act Series. One director will also be chosen to direct for Tipping Point Theatre’s upcoming Sandbox Festival of New Plays. BoxFest Detroit’s Mentorship Program continues to expand this year – adding new mentors and partner theatres; at least one BoxFest Detroit director will receive a mentorship award.

Directors participating in BoxFest Detroit 2019may apply to the Mentorship Program, which provides them financial support and the opportunity to assistant direct with established, female-identifying directors on upcoming productions at professional theatres in southeastern Michigan. Our 2019-20 Mentors are Frannie Shepherd-Bates, Casaundra Freeman, Courtney Burkett, Sherrine Azab, Angie Kane Ferrante, and Sara Lipinski Chambers. Our 2019-20 Partner Theatres are Detroit Repertory Theatre, Tipping Point Theatre, Kickshaw Theatre, Matrix Theatre Company, A Host of People, Detroit Public Theatre, and Williamston Theatre.

“I’m excited that our festival community continues to grow. Each year through the festival I’m introduced to women who have been looking for opportunities to grow their skills as directors,” said BoxFest Detroit’s Artistic Director, Amanda Grace Ewing. “With the support of our festival, and the continued growth of our Mentorship Program, I feel confident that BoxFest Detroit is strategically situated to support these women and our theatre community in creating gender parity in Michigan directing.”

“I was thrilled to walk into our first meeting, seeing so many new faces,” said Executive Director, Kelly Rossi. “In the last decade of the festival, we have seen setbacks as well as tremendous growth, and this year’s festival is a testament to that growth.”


Detailed Schedule for BoxFest Detroit 2019:


“That’s What Friends are For” by Margaret Berger, directed by Audra Jantz

“Boxes are Magic” by Allie Costa, directed by Kryssy Becker

“Sock Puppet Fetish Noir” by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos, directed by Stephanie Stoiko


“Expecting Hamilton” by Chip Bolcik, directed by Andi Maziarz

“The Blizzard” by Chip Bolcik, directed by Carrie Morris

“Television Blues” by Jay Kettering, directed by Kennikki Jones-Jones


“On The Edge” by Steven San Luis, directed by Asia Marie Hicks

“Pizza Slut” by Sarah Elisabeth Brown, directed by Shelby R. Seeley


“Ten Minute Grief Counseling” by John McDonnell, directed by Kez Settle

“Whore of Shomron” by Angela G. King, directed by Lillian Washington

“The Dress With the Print” by Charity Clark-Anderson, directed by Charity Clark-Anderson


“Unobtainable Calm” by Keown Burke, directed by Rachel Keown Burke

“In Her Golden Years” by Steven Korbar, directed by Andaiye Spencer

“Candy Coated” by Kelli Lynn Woodend, directed by Michelle Studer


Friday, 8/16:

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 4

9pm: BOX 2

10pm: BOX 5


Saturday, 8/17:

4pm: BOX 1

5pm: BOX 2 (“Television Blues” will not perform during this box)

6pm: Dinner break

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 1

9pm: BOX 5

10pm: BOX 3


Friday, 8/23:

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 3

9pm: BOX 4

10pm: BOX 1


Saturday, 8/24:

4pm: BOX 4

5pm: BOX 5

6pm: Dinner break

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 3

9pm: BOX 2

10pm: Awards Ceremony


For 16 years and counting, BoxFest Detroit has produced annual summer theater festivals, which create the space and support for female-identifying directors of all experience levels to share their work with audiences. Learn more about BoxFest Detroit and how to support its programs at BoxFest Detroit 2019 is sponsored by Planet Ant Theatre.