July 21, 2010


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Artistic Director: Molly McMahon, molly [at] boxfestdetroit.com

Executive Director: Kelly A. Rossi, kelly [at] boxfestdetroit.com

Producer: Amanda Grace Ewing, amanda [at] boxfestdetroit.com

Would you like more information about BoxFest Detroit but can’t seem to find it on our website?

For answers to all your questions, you may e-mail us at boxfestinfo@boxfestdetroit.com

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  • Hi Rhea,

    Thanks for your continued interest in BoxFest Detroit. We are having financial difficulties this year so we won’t be putting on a full festival. Instead we will have a weekend of staged readings and we are currently seeking submissions from playwrights for that. We’re calling the weekend of staged readings the BoxFest Detroit Workshop and are using it as one of a number of fundraisers to raise funds for the 2015 festival. I’m updating the main page momentarily where you can read more information about the Workshop and our statement. Thanks as always, Rhea!

    Take Care,
    Molly McMahon, Artistic Director

  • Hi. Just curious if there are plans for a 2014 BoxFest. Don’t want to miss the chance to submit this year if there is. All the best, Rhea

  • Hi Alexis,

    If you’d like to submit some of your photos for consideration, please contact our art coordinator, Frannie Shepherd-Bates. She will be able to answer all of your questions. Email her at frannie [at] magentagiraffe [dot] org. Thanks for your interest!

    Molly McMahon, Artistic Director

  • Hi Boxfest,

    Sounds like an awesome series of events. I saw the ‘call for artists’ announcement today and want to submit some works. Can a woman submit photography? And, if so, do the photos have to be about women? Or is the photographer’s womanhood enough? Is there an age minimum for participation?

    Thanks Molly/ Box fest!


  • Hi Laura,

    Either format is fine. Bios at this point aren’t necessary. All we really need is just your contact information and your script. Hope this helps!!!

    Molly McMahon

  • Hi Molly,

    Am submitting a play today and would like a bit more information about submission guidelines, if possible. Would you like in PDF form or Word, or no preference? Would you like a bio? Is there a place on the website with more information? I found length guidelines and the submission deadline date, but nothing else. Probably looking in the wrong place! I would have emailed sooner, but just learned of this deadline.

    I’m so grateful for this festival; it’s a great opportunity for female directors. The world needs more of them!

    Thank you so much for any help!


  • Hi Chelsea,

    We were having some difficulties with our email system but everything is up and running now! Please check out our call for entries page get in touch with me directly for more information. I hope you can participate this year!

    Molly McMahon, Artistic Director, BoxFest Detroit

  • Hello Molly-

    I tried to email the addresses listed above but unfortunately all of the emails were returned to me. I hope this works!

    My name is Chelsea Burke and I am currently working as an intern at the Jewish Ensemble Theatre in West Bloomfield. I have heard a lot of positive things about Boxfest from various sources and I am very interested in getting involved, particularly directing. I just wanted to contact you to express my desire and to get some basic information about time and how the festival works. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you for your time,

    Chelsea Burke

  • Hi Esther,

    I’m thrilled to hear that the Jewish News is interested in listing BFD in your publication! Please email me at molly@boxfestdetroit.com and I will reply with my phone number. I don’t feel comfortable listing it here for obvious reasons.

    Men and women are invited to participate as actors, designers, playwrights, technicians and any other position we may need fulfilled. The only limitation we have is for the participating directors. Because our mission is to support and create opportunities for women directors, we only allow women to participate in that capacity.

    The schedule of events has not been announced yet and we will usually plan our opening event/party according to the way the festival takes shape a month or so out. In the past, the event usually begins at 7pm and the time will probably remain the same for this year as well.

    There will be a performance that evening. Each year, BFD awards the director with the most audience votes for “best directed show” the opportunity to direct her own production for the late night series at Planet Ant Theatre. Hopefully, the production Andrea Scobie (the 2010 audience vote winner) is directing for Planet Ant Theatre will be remounted that evening.

    In years past, we have only requested that people make a monetary donation in any amount at the opening event. This year’s admission amount though is TBD.

    Hope this answers all of your questions. Thanks!

  • Hi Jacquie!

    Anyone wanting to submit plays for consideration can email kelly@boxfestdetroit.com. She is the one reading all the plays. The deadline is May 30th for anyone interested in participating. I’m glad you and your friends are interested and we look forward to receiving your work. Woot!


  • For me to write up a Jewish News calendar listing, can you provide me with a phone number for a contact person? Do you only want women to participate, including as actors and technicians? Also — what time is the celebratory party on Aug. 4 — will you have any one-acts then? Is there a charge for the party?

  • I have several friends that would love to submit plays along with me this year!
    Who do we send them to and when is the deadline?

  • I am just learning about the Box Fest of Detroit. I am very excited about it and can’t wait to see some great shows. I am interested in being a part of it. I would love to help out. I am fairly new to Michigan and would love to bring my experiences to the table. I have a BA in Theatre Studies from Northern Illinois University and have directed several shows. I will be attending the events on Saturday 7th. Would there be anyone there to talk to about getting involved with Box fest? Thanks for your time. Can’t wait for Saturday!

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