May 19, 2015

Festival Schedule

BoxFest Detroit, an annual theatre festival that showcases and creates opportunities for female-identifying directors, has announced the schedule for its 2019 festival. BoxFest Detroit 2019 runs Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons and evenings, August 16 – 24, at Planet Ant Theatre. Planet Ant Theatre is located at 2357 Caniff, Hamtramck, MI, 48212. Admission is payable by cash and credit cards at the door with day passes for $10. A limited number of festival passes are on sale for $30 and may also be purchased at the door.

Detailed Schedule for BoxFest Detroit 2019:


“That’s What Friends are For” by Margaret Berger, directed by Audra Jantz

“Boxes are Magic” by Allie Costa, directed by Kryssy Becker

“Sock Puppet Fetish Noir” by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos, directed by Stephanie Stoiko


“Expecting Hamilton” by Chip Bolcik, directed by Andi Maziarz

“The Blizzard” by Chip Bolcik, directed by Carrie Morris

“Television Blues” by Jay Kettering, directed by Kennikki Jones-Jones


“On The Edge” by Steven San Luis, directed by Asia Marie Hicks

“Pizza Slut” by Sarah Elisabeth Brown, directed by Shelby R. Seeley


“Ten Minute Grief Counseling” by John McDonnell, directed by Kez Settle

“The Whore of Shomron” by Angela G. King, directed by Lillian Washington

“The Dress With the Print” by Charity Clark-Anderson, directed by Charity Clark-Anderson


“Unobtainable Calm” by Keown Burke, directed by Rachel Keown Burke

“In Her Golden Years” by Steven Korbar, directed by Andaiye Spencer

“Candy Coated” by Kelli Lynn Woodend, directed by Michelle Studer


Friday, 8/16:

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 4

9pm: BOX 2

10pm: BOX 5


Saturday, 8/17:

4pm: BOX 1

5pm: BOX 2 (“Television Blues” will not perform during this box)

6pm: Dinner break

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 1

9pm: BOX 5

10pm: BOX 3


Friday, 8/23:

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 3

9pm: BOX 4

10pm: BOX 1


Saturday, 8/24:

4pm: BOX 4

5pm: BOX 5

6pm: Dinner break

7pm: Cocktail hour

8pm: BOX 3

9pm: BOX 2

10pm: Awards Ceremony


If you are interested in volunteering for the festival, please fill out the following form:

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