BoxFest Detroit 2020 welcomes film submissions from women with a variety of experience in the medium, from early career to established filmmakers, to theatre directors capturing their work in a new way.

To submit your finished film, please complete the submission application on Film Freeway.

BoxFest Detroit 2020 also welcomes women directors who will choose a script from the pool of submissions, or write their own script, which they will produce and film for inclusion in the festival. 

All directors submitting to produce and film a yet-to-be-completed project for BoxFest Detroit 2020 must currently reside in Michigan or, if current residence is outside Michigan, you must have participated in a previous BoxFest Detroit festival as an actor, director, or playwright. 

To submit to direct a yet-to-be-completed project from an original or submitted script, directors should complete the director submission form.

All filmmakers will need to sign a Screening Agreement with BoxFest Detroit 2020 to grant permission to stream the film online.

All writers who submit their scripts for possible production for BoxFest Detroit 2020 agree to grant directors the rights to film their scripts and agree to grant permission to stream completed films online.

Deadline for scripts and directors: July 15 
Deadline for all films: August 24

Please note: If you are a director looking to submit your already completed film for this year’s festival, please complete our submission form on

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