Directors reshaping the box this year are Paige B. Alson, Sherrine Azab (and co-director Jake Hooker), Amanda Buchalter, Allie Costa, Madyson DeJausserand, Kristina Familara, Laura Kay Henderson and Sarah E. MacLean, Indi Jackson (and Vincent Augusto), Lexus Jacobs, Audra Jantz, Danielle Maus, Katelin Maylum, Shaun Nethercott (and Maurizio Dominguez), Krista Pennington, Leia Squillace (and director of photography Kyle Sorice), Adie Valavanis, and Alivia VanDale.

BoxFest Detroit produces festivals that allow women-identifying directors the opportunities to direct original shows of their choice and win awards to help further their careers in directing. Directors participating in BoxFest Detroit 2020 may also apply to the Mentorship Program. This program provides one or more directors financial support and the opportunity to connect with established women directors to receive mentorship and support toward achieving their career goals.

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Detailed Program Information for BoxFest Detroit 2020:

BOX 1  — Theatre Performance Shorts

Box 1 features three theatrical performances. Love at First Slice and A Cup of T were produced and filmed specifically for BoxFest Detroit 2020. These directors used their creativity to experiment with theatrical storytelling in a post-Covid world. Selections from Cleopatra Boy presents excerpts from A Host of People’s devised production, Cleopatra Boy, featuring live music, projections, toy theater, and more to examine justice and representation.

BOX 2 — Documentary Shorts

Box 2 features three compelling stories, all told through documentary film. Breaking the Cycle follows the private life of Indi Jackson, a record-breaking college athlete, revealing that life’s biggest challenges are often encountered off the field. The Way of Art – Making the Diego Rivera Puppet shares the riveting and precarious journey of one theatre’s quest to bring a giant puppet to life, and The Impact examines MSU students’ responses to racially biased incidents.

BOX 3 — Narrative Shorts

Box 3 features six narrative films that are sure to entertain. Chatterboxing! delights as the festival’s only animated short. Personal trials take center stage in the substance-fueled dramedy, A Basement Film, and ASTRAY: The Justification of Grace, a story with faith-based themes. A Good Day is a surreal, existential trip, and Flame Out offers an apocalyptic tale of interpersonal strife. Day of Reckoning unsettles as the only horror short.

BOX 4 — Narrative Shorts

Box 4 rounds out the festival with five more narrative shorts. The coming-of-age story, golden, and The Idler, a gloomy rendition, explore university life and beyond in very different ways. Future Shock is a time traveling romp of pandemic proportions, and unexpected romance finds its way in of Masquerade and Rhymes. The dark comedy Taco Soup shows that a holiday family dinner can offer more than any of the guests bargain for.

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